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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cuttlefish Camoflage

Although this blog is dedicated to octopuses, cuttlefish are closely related to octopuses. Both are cephalopods. Like octopuses, cuttlefish are able to quickly change the color and texture of their skin in order to blend in with the environment.

This cuttlefish, found on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, changes color once it realizes it has been spotted.

Petting the Cuttlefish and a Thrown Tentacle

Behind the scenes at a local aquarium, two onlookers are sent a rude message by the cuttelfish they are observing. It throws a tentacle!

Blue Ring Octopus Compilation

Blue Ring in the Wild

This is a blue ring octopus in the wild in indonesia. It is of the genus Hapalochlaena and is very deadly. Blue ring octopuses have killed many unlucky swimmers over the years.

Quote: "A bite from one acts so quickly that death may occur before a diver can even make it out of the water"

Yet another octopus opening a jar

I believe this octopus holds the record, at least as far as online video is concerned, for opening the jar fastest (though some of the video was obviously cutout). Great video, enjoy.

Octopus Opening a Jar

If you know what species this is or can make a good guess, leave it in the comments.

Wild Octopus Flashes Colors at Scuba Diver

This Briareus (I'm assuming) flashes colors when it is caught in the spotlight of a scuba diver. It acts a bit startled.

Psychedelic Octopus - Funny bloopers R us

Holy Crap! A Cuttlefish Attacks an Octopus in Front of a Scuba Diver!

This almost looks fake it is so surreal. The octopus is playing with a scuba divers spanner. Then, a much larger cuttlefish decides to make the octopus a meal. It is a bit saddening if you've ever owned an octopus.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bimac Feeding on a Crab

Here is a cool video of a Bimac feeding on a crab in a home aquarium. Watch how it pounces on the crab!

Octopus Documentary - Octo Volcano

This is a full 47 minute documentary about an active volcano and the aquatic species which are able to survive near it, most notably the octopus. Many different octopus abilities are investigated. This is quite an interesting documentary and worth the watch. It is the only full documentary about octopuses that I've found online. Enjoy!

This video suggests that octopuses can actually hear the rumbling in the earth before the volcano erupts giving them time to flee.

National Geographic - Octopus Defeats Shark

This footage, courtesy of youtube and National Geographic, shows what happens when you put a Giant Pacific Octopus and a shark in the same tank. The octopus actually captures and kills the dogfish shark.

The aquarium staff put up a camera to determine exactly how dogfish shark carcuses had been turning up at the bottom of the aquarium. That an octopus was responsible came as quite a surprise.

Reef Octopus in the Wild

Watch this octopus change colors once it realizes it has been spotted. It makes itself looks big and flashes colors at the incoming camera before deciding to abandon this plan. It inks before fleeing.

Octopus Vulgaris Documentary (spanish)

Although this video is in Spanish, there is still some pretty good octopus footage. Octopus is "pulpo" in Spanish.

Large Octopus Vulgaris at Aquarium

This short video is of an O. Vulgaris at an aquarium. Watch it move from the floor of the tank to the glass.

Pet Octopus Macropus

Typical video of an octopus in a home aquarium. It walks across the tank a couple of times. This octopus is believed to be an O. Macropus

Bipedal Wild Octopus

This is another example of an octopus using 2 tentacles as legs and the other 6 as arms. This bipedal movement on the ocean floor is eerily human.

Octopus Walking on Ocean Floor

Several recent studies suggest that 6 tentacles are used as arms and 2 as legs. Previously it was though that 4 were legs and 4 were arms. This video would give one the impression that the former is correct.

Scuba Divers Play with Inking Octopus

Watch these divers handle an obviously frightened octopus on a scuba dive. It inks several times before they let it go on its way.

Wild Reef Octopus

The sound in this video suggests that this was a wild encounter. It looks like a reef octopus to me - perhaps a briareus? What do you think?

Briareus Pet Close Up - Walking on the Glass

This active Briareus walks all over the tank. Watch the grace with which he/she maneuvers around. I love these creatures!

Octopus Wrestling Match

Watch these two wild octopuses wrestling each other. A lucky diver has spotted the entanglement with his flashlight. This is not as interesting as some other octopus fights in which they flash colors at each other.

Octopus Investigates Toys

This octopus swims to the top to investigates strange new objects in his aquarium. They appear to be baby toys.

Baby Briareus in a Bucket

A new pet! This video isn't all that interesting, just a baby Octopus Briareus in a bucket.

Octopus Briareus Crawls on the Glass

A small Octopus Briareus crawls around on the glass in a well decorated tank. He's an active little guy

Hummelincki is Hand Fed

This is the first attempt at feeding an Octopus Hummelincki. It runs away at first before coming back to accept the small fish. He drops it, but it is a start.

Hummelincki's First Day

This octopus hummelincki is introduced to a new tank. Watch its behavior. There are several times that it changes color rapidly in order to match the live rock and other decorations.

Octopus Joubini Life Cycle

This video shows the life cycle of a dwarf octopus from egg to adult. Also, watch the clever octopus open a jar.

National Geographic - No Bones!

This video, by National Geographic, demonstrates just what it means to have no bones.

Best Octopus Camo Video Online

This is a snippet from a video presented at TED. This is probably the most amazing video that I have seen of an octopuses ability to blend in with its surroundings. No matter how many times I watch it, I still can't figure out which part is octopus and which part is rock. Absolutely amazing!

National Geographic Octopus Imitation

National Geographic gives us a couple of good examples of octopus and other animals blending in with their environments.

Video Highlights:
1:23 - Reef octopus camo and shapeshifting
2:06 - mimic octopus of indonesia
3:08 - Cuttlefish hypnosis as a hunting technique
5:16 - cuttlefish attacking a shrimp

Young Wild Giant Pacific Octopus

Here is a wild baby Giant Pacific Octopus trying to get away from the camera. It doesn't change color as much as one might expect.

Two Wild Octopuses Get Into It

Watch these two wild octopuses get into it with each other. One changes color, and it appears that this signals that it gave up and is the loser of the octopus fight.

Wild North Pacific Octopus

Fisherman catches a wild octopus at 2:20. The species is Giant Pacific Octopus, the largest species in the world.

Octopus learns how to open a jar

Watch these octopuses go through a variety of tests. They are amazing creatures!

part 1: octopus intelligence
part 2: octopus versatility - it fits into a jar
part 3: flexibility - the octopus crawls through hamster tubing.

Bonus Points: Name each species in the comments

Octopus solves a puzzle

This is an excellent example of how intelligent octopuses are. This octopus opens a plastic container for food. It is a bit slow, but it gets it at the end.

An Active Octopus

This octopus gives an excellent demonstration of its ability to move by crawling all over the tank! I don't know about you guys, but to me this tank looks a bit bare.

Watch it change color at 5:36.

Nocturnal Pet Octopus

This octo is nocturnal and plays only at night.

If you have an idea what species this may be, let us know in the comments.

Aquarium Octopus

This octopus at the Birch Aquarium is soooo cool. Does anybody know what species this is?

Pet Octopus Demostrates Camo

Watch this octopus as it is near the middle of the tank. It blends right in with the live rock. Towards the end of the video, the octopus is confused by a shrimp in a glass cup turned upside down.

Octopus Fight!!!!!!!!

Two caribbean reef octopuses fight over a potential mate. See if you can pick out a winner.

An Unfortunate End

Watch this octopus change color before becoming sushi. This really is unfortunate once you realize how intelligent and friendly octopuses can be. This is, however, an excellent example of color changing.

Wild Octopus Escapes

Here is a wild octopus escaping from a small acrylic box. The hole is only one inch around.

A Bimac Octopus Eating

This is a Bimac Eating. Watch it change colors.